Top Things To Do In Marina Walk Dubai

21 May, 2024
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Dubai Marina Walk is known as the Jewel and Heart of Dubai. The Dubai Marina Walk is a 7 km long walkway along the waterfront with several local international cafes and cuisines.

Furthermore, one can do several activities in the Marina Walk Dubai. This location is picturesque and one of the most bustling yet luxurious places to live in Dubai. This skyline towers to the elegant Dubai apartments for sale with Dubai Marina Walk facilities, making this one of Dubai's most popular attractions.

Marina Walk Dubai should be at the top of your list if you visit Dubai. You can find the best Dubai Marina walk activities, restaurants, and boat rides in this exotic place.

Here Is The List Of Top Things To Do In Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina Walk offers its residents an upscale and luxurious lifestyle and is a complete form of entertainment. It's a highly preferred destination in Dubai for tourists.
Dubai Marina Walk has everything for the people who visit there. You can find some of the top Marina walk cafes, boat rides and restaurants from the thrilling activities.
Hence, in this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about Marina Walk Dubai.

  • 1. Marina Yacht Cruise
  • 2. XLine Dubai Marina
  • 3. A Rooftop Experience At The ZETA Seventy-Seven
  • 4. Breakfast In The Marina Walk Dubai
  • 5. Shop Til You Drop At The Dubai Marina Mall
  • 6. A Water Splash At Aqua Fun
  • 7. Kids Entertainment At Bricks 4 Fun
  • 8. Indulge In Italian Cuisine At The Bussola
  • 9. The Indians Favorite- Buddha Bar
  • 10. Cafe Bateel
  • 11. Shakespeare and Co

1. Marina Yacht Cruise

Top Things To Do In Marina Walk Dubai

If you want the ultimate Marina Walk Dubai experience, this yacht cruise is the best activity if you are visiting Marina Walk . The overall highlight of this yacht is that it's a luxurious yacht tour that provides people with breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

You can also opt for a live barbecue, with freshly made drinks being served and live music played in the background. The yacht is filled with all amenities and comes with a 3-story deck.

You can even hold a party at Marina Walk Dubai Yacht Cruise. The cruise starts at mid-day and carries along the night, where one can enjoy the sunset and take in the breathtaking views of the buildings, including the Burj Al Arab.

You can also observe the city's main highlight and pass by other big cruise lines in Dubai and the Dubai Harbour. You can also see the famous Jumeirah Beach and The Palm

2. XLine Dubai Marina

Top Things To Do In Marina Walk Dubai

If you want a thrilling experience in the Marina, Walk Dubai, the Xline Dubai Marina is one of the best Dubai marina walk activities. This is one of the longest urban ziplines in the world. It was introduced in 2017 and has become a tourist and local favorite.

The zipline is 170 m long, and one flies through the city at 180 km per hour. You will cross through the skyscrapers and go over their water; hence, this line is not for the weak heart.

3. A Rooftop Experience At The ZETA Seventy-Seven

Top Things To Do In Marina Walk Dubai

If you are looking for an activity yet a relaxing experience in Marina Walk Dubai, then this is another excellent activity: taking a dip at the ZETA Seventy-Seven.

This is a rooftop infinity pool located at the rooftop of the Address Hotel and Resort. It's located 310 m above sea level, where one can enjoy the scenic views of Dubai Marina Walk while enjoying the luxuries of the hotel.

Furthermore, you can also find excellent restaurants while swimming at the ZETA Seventy-Seven. The pool has an open-air terrace; however, if you want a more exclusive experience, you can also book a cabana. The Address Hotel and Resort has 12 private indoor air condition cabanas.

4. Breakfast In The Marina Walk Dubai

Top Things To Do In Marina Walk Dubai

If you are an early riser, go to Marina Walk Dubai because you can find some of the best Marina Walk cafes that offer unique and hearty breakfasts.
Breakfast in the Marina Walk Dubai restaurants will be an experience of its own because you can find some local favorite restaurants, including the Reem Al Bawadi.
You can also find some streetside cafes that offer spectacular coffee. If you want an exclusive experience, visit Pier 7, an architectural landmark in Marina Walk Dubai.

5. Shop Til You Drop At The Dubai Marina Mall

Top Things To Do In Marina Walk Dubai

What's a visit to Dubai without a little shopping spree that breaks the bank? The mall has so much to offer to the locals and the tourists.

Apart from the restaurants and cafes in the mall, you can find an array of boutique stores, international brands, and local shops where you can revamp your wardrobe.

You can see some of the best stores in the Dubai Marina Mall, which includes brands like Karen Milan and Ted Bakar, Tommy Hilfiger, and H&M. You can find fantastic clothing in all these brands.

Dubai Marina Mall is also a great place to stock footwear, bags and accessories. Brands like Charles & Keith and Steve Madden are just some of the international stores located in the mall. If you're looking into shopping, then reserve the whole day to spend your time at the Dubai Marina Mall.

6. A Water Splash At Aqua Fun

Top Things To Do In Marina Walk Dubai

If you're in for another swim, visit Aqua Fun, another of the best Dubai marina walk activities. Aqua Fun is the world's largest inflatable water park. It's a great water activity that overlooks the Dubai Marina.

Although a lifejacket is provided, you need to have some basic swimming learning skills so you can reach the park after swimming for 50m. Not only is the park great for enjoying the water, but it's also a great exercise that burns many calories and helps you develop stamina.

Once you buy the ticket, there is no time limit to your time in the area. As it's off-season, the adult tickets are offered online at $90

7. Kids Entertainment At Bricks 4 Fun

Top Things To Do In Marina Walk Dubai

If you have kids, include visiting the Bricks 4 Fun. This new concept is located in the Marina Walk Dubai, where children can play with a whole city of Lego sets.

Apart from the Lego building, this place offers other forms of entertainment, including games such as PlayStation setup. Face painting, toy store and group games are some activities in Bricks 4 Fun. A soft play area is also set up if you have little children.

It's open from 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and is an excellent form of entertainment for the younger ones.

8. Indulge In Italian Cuisine At The Bussola

Top Things To Do In Marina Walk Dubai

If you are craving a hearty pizza and cheesy pasta, this is the best Italian place. The Bussola takes you on a fantastic visit to Italy because once you enter the restaurant, the aromatic and fresh pizza and homemade pasta fill the air.

This place is well known in Marina Walk Dubai for using the freshest ingredients to create exotic Italian dishes filled with flavor. The famous starter includes the crispy bruschetta that comes with ripe tomatoes.
You can order any of the Pizzas that are made in the wood fire oven. They also have excellent desserts, including tiramisu, which is not to be missed.

You can sit inside, or there is also an option where you can sit outside on the terrace and take in the breathtaking views of the city.

9. The Indians Favorite- Buddha Bar

Top Things To Do In Marina Walk Dubai

Once you visit Dubai, you might notice many of the South Asian community living there. Many tourists from Asian countries visit Dubai, mainly from India.

Hence, to cater to the Indian community, Marina Walk Dubai has some of the best Indian restaurants, including the Buddha Bar. The Buddha Bar is well-known in Dubai. It is glamorous, and the restaurant is set in a fantastic palace décor with yellow lighting.

The dishes take you to Delhi, where you can order aromatic cuisines such as the butter chicken and the spicy mutton biryani. You can also order vibrant street food dishes from Bangkok at the Buddha Bar. This includes noodles and freshly prepared sushi made in front of you by the sushi chef—the Buddha Bar's signature dishes are curry, crispy duck, and juicy butter chicken.

10. Cafe Bateel

Top Things To Do In Marina Walk Dubai

The restaurants mentioned above were all about fine dining. However, if you are looking for a cozy place to enjoy coffee, Marina Walk cafes will surely not be missed.

One of the cafes is the Café Bateel, a small cafe located on Marina Walk, Dubai. Apart from the coffee, you can also order some yummy snacks that include their famous sandwiches and pastries, and they also offer Mediterranean food that you can enjoy.

Overall, Cafe Bateel is a refreshing outdoor cafe that will allow you to enjoy a good and hearty cup of coffee with some yummy snacks while you enjoy the views.

11. Shakespeare and Co

Top Things To Do In Marina Walk Dubai

Talking about the Marina Walk cafes, the Shakespeare and Co Cafe is not to be missed. If you are into stories and are in the mood for a great place to hang out with your friends and enjoy a little Cafe straight out of the book, then this is the Café to visit.

Apart from the ambience set in the medieval era, you can enjoy an incredible array of coffee options, including espresso and a frappe, their specialities. They also have all kinds of varieties, including sandwiches, salads and desserts.

Marina Walk Dubai is one of the most visited areas of Dubai as it offers residents a vibrant yet luxurious lifestyle and is a happening place for tourists. All kinds of activities in Marina Walk Dubai include a yacht boat ride and zipline, and you can indulge in the world-class cuisines of the Marina Walk Dubai restaurants.

These were only some of the activity restaurants and cafes you can find in Marina Walk Dubai. The place has so much more to offer, so make sure that you visit this iconic 7 km long walk that looks over the Arabian Gulf.

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